Hunting Rules and Guidelines

You may lose your hunting privileges or be required to pay a replacement fee for taking an animal on the restricted list.

1.Authorized Targets Only: You are permitted to shoot only the animals you have paid to hunt. Violating this rule will result in a replacement fee. If you’re unsure about the type of animal you’re observing, refrain from shooting.

2. Replacement Costs: Blackbuck: $2500, Aoudad: $2500, Corsican Sheep: $1000, Axis, Sitka, or Fallow Deer: $3500

3. Firearm Restrictions: Firearms are strictly prohibited during any archery hunt. 

4. Alcohol Consumption: Alcoholic beverages are allowed only within the designated camp area. Drinking is not permitted in hunting zones. Underage drinking is strictly prohibited. No guest is allowed to hunt while intoxicated or under the influence. Additionally, avoid loud, lewd, or vulgar behavior.

5. Shooting from Vehicles: Hunting from vehicles or using them to aid in hunting is prohibited. Stand hunting is the only acceptable method.
6. Restricted Movement Times: You may not move around the hunting area before 10:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m., unless you are heading to or returning from your designated stand.
7. Wounded Animals: Any wounded animal counts toward your total. You cannot shoot another animal in its place.

8. Designated No-Hunting Zones: The House pasture, the entry road to the ranch and other specified areas determined by the Ranch Manager.

9. Whitetail Deer and Exotics:
Mature Whitetail deer (spikes or 7 points or better) may be taken.
Any hard-horned mature exotic species may also be taken – 5 1/2 years old or older.

10. No smoking inside the bunkhouse, guide house, blind or other hunting areas.

11. Selective Shooting: Do not shoot javelina, armadillos, indigo snakes, or bull snakes. Predators (coyotes, bobcats, coons, feral cats, etc.) are fair game. You may shoot rabbits if you intend to eat them, but no sport shooting. 

12. Keep the Area Clean: Dispose of trash responsibly. Leaving any kind of litter (drink cans, water bottles, rubber gloves, plastic bags, etc.) within the hunting area will result in removal from the ranch without a refund.

14. Do not shoot piggy sows or nursing sows.

15. All hunters must have a valid TX hunting license on their person.

Please note that adherence to these rules ensures a safe and respectful hunting experience. Enjoy your time in the great outdoors!

Trophy Fees

Trophy Aoudad

  • 28″ and under: Fee $2500
  • 28″-32″: Fee $3000
  • 32″-34″: Fee $3500
  • Over 34″: Fee $4500

Trophy Whitetail Buck

  • Up to 130″: Fee $2500
  • 130″-140″: Fee $3000
  • 140″-150″: Fee $3500

Trophy Blackbuck

  • 17″ and under: Fee $2500
  • Over 17″: Fee $3000

Trophy Sheep

  • Up to 150″: Fee $2500
  • Over 150″: Fee $3500 plus $200 per additional inch

Trophy Axis

  • 28″ and under: Fee $2500
  • 28″-32″: Fee $3000
  • 32″-34″: Fee $3500
  • Over 34″: Fee $4500

Does (Axis, Blackbuck, Whitetail): Fee $650

Audad EUS: Fee $650

Sheep EUS: Fee $500

Violation of any ranch rule or Texas state law will result in dismissal from the ranch and forfeiture of all hunting fees paid.
*Management wishes you the best of luck and enjoyment on your hunt. We appreciate you hunting with us and hope you will return.
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