You may lose your hunting privileges or be required to pay a replacement fee for taking an animal on the restricted list.


1. You are only allowed to shoot the animals you have paid to hunt. If you violate this rule, you'll be charged a replacement fee instead of the day fee. If you don't know what kind of animal you are seeing, don't shoot it.


2.  Replacement Costs: Blackbuck $2500, Aoudad $2500, Couriscan Sheep $500, Axis, Sitka, or Fallow Deer $3000. 


3. No firearms will be allowed during any archery hunt, on your person, in camp, or in your vehicle.


4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages will be limited to the camp area. No drinking in the hunting areas. No drunkenness or loud, lewd, or vulgar talk will be tolerated.


5. No shooting from vehicles or using vehicles to aid in hunting. Stand hunting only.


6. You may not walk around before 10:00 a.m. or after 3:00 p.m. unless you are going to or coming from your stand.


7. Any wounded animal will be counted as one of your total. You cannot shoot another in its place.


8.  No hunting is allowed in the feeding area, house pasture, the entry road to the ranch, or any other designated area. House side of the road. 


9. Absolutely no mechanical broadheads are allowed on this ranch. 


10. Mature Whitetail deer (spikes or 7 points are better) may be taken, and any hard-horned exotic may be taken.


11. Do not shoot javelina, armadillos, indigo or bull snakes. It is okay to shoot predators ( coyotes, bobcats, coons, feral cats, etc). It is also okay to shoot rabbits if you eat them, but no shooting for sport. You must bring them in, skin them, and if you don't want to eat them, the dogs will. 


12. If you are caught leaving any kind of trash within the hunting area (drink cans, water bottles, rubber gloves, plastic bags, etc) you will be asked to leave the ranch with no refund. 


13. Do not bring un-gutted animals to camp. Field dress them in the pasture. 


14. Any animal shot and not recovered must be trailed with dogs. Tracking fee $20 first hour $50 for every additional hour.


15. Do not shoot piggy sows or nursing sows.


16. All hunters must have a valid TX hunting license on their person. 

Trophy Fees

Trophy Aoudad 27" or longer: Fee $2500

Trophy Blackbuck 17" or longer: Fee $2500

Trophy Axis 28" or longer: Fee $3000

Trophy Axis 32" or longer: Fee $3500



Management wishes you the best of luck and enjoyment on your hunt. We appreciate you hunting with us and hope you will return. 
Violation of any ranch rule or Texas state law will result in dismissal from the ranch and forfeiture of all hunting fees paid.
We also ask that you keep the campgrounds clean and pick up after yourselves. 
Each day of bow hunting includes one complimentary night of lodging. Our housing area is equipped with a kitchen shower DVD/TVand barbecue pits. The bunkhouse is 100-year-old building. It is not a five-star, but has all the amenities of a normal home. This is a hunting ranch, not a hunting resort. If you require special needs/accommodations, please discuss with Pat or Derik prior to your arrival. We ask all hunters to supply their own bows, food, drinks, and personal items. Hunters may check-in at the ranch anytime after 2:30 PM and must check out before noon on the last day of the hunt. Please let us know if you need special accommodations for your hunt. Non-hunting guests are welcome, ask for details when booking your hunt.
*Gratuity is not included in pricing. Although it is not required, we recommend 15% to 20% of your hunt. Our guides are here to assist you with your hunt and help with your overall experience. Please keep them in mind when you leave.